Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Resources

The Harris County Archives maintains many records that can be useful to family history researchers. This includes many types of records that are not traditionally considered genealogical in nature, but which can provide information about the lives of your ancestors in Harris County. If your ancestor may have interacted with Harris County government, there may be a record of that connection in the Archives.

Contains correspondence, printed materials, financial records, legal records and Veterans Organization records that document the activities of the Harris County Veterans Service Office 1946 – 1991. 

Case files contain correspondence, military records, supporting documentation, and office forms, 1972-2001. 


During the Republic of Texas period, until the Constitution of 1869, the office of coroner functioned primarily to identify homicides. In 1955 the Texas Legislature passed the Baker Bill, which allowed counties with a population greater than 250,000 to establish an Office of Medical Examiner to assume those duties previously conducted by the Justices of the Peace. Harris County was one of the first Texas counties to opt for this system which mandates the Medical Examiner to determine the cause and manner of death in all cases of accident, homicide, suicide, and undetermined death. 


This collection contains over 1000 cubic feet of autopsy case files, reports, log books, newspaper clippings, medical articles, correspondence, memorandums, printed materials, photographs, and autopsies that document the functions of the Office of Medical Examiner (1954 – 2013).